Bin Inserts

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Like our shadow boards, our bin inserts offer inherent quality control, visual management clues and help improve turn around times. Each bin insert is specifically designed for a given assembly or process with the added benefit of being stackable.

Each product is designed for a specific assembly or process. All the parts that are required to build that assembly are clearly laid out, thus eliminating both the need to search for parts and the guess work involved in having too many, or too few parts.

The key benefits of our customizable bin inserts are:

  • Ideal for smaller components or accessories
  • Totally customizable for all the parts needed to build an assembly
  • Made out of chemical / oil resistant plastics
  • Contrasting colours quickly identify missing parts
  • Layered or stackable design to maximize part storage
  • Part numbers or part names can be engraved on the bin inserts for ease of identification
  • Optional raised layers for hardware retention
  • Optional post for washer stacking
  • Optional live hinge plastic boxes for small parts
  • Optional shaft cradles to prevent movement during transport
  • Single or removable layer design for ease of cleaning
  • Supported Products S76 MGB, CT58 Engines.

If we are not currently supporting your product line, please contact us today! We are always looking to expand our portfolio and help our Clients boost their productivity.

Bin Inserts