Custom Cases

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Custom cases ensure that valuable aircraft parts are shipped in a safe and secure manner, while saving time packaging and unpackaging. Our custom cases are the ideal solution for aircraft parts that are shipped to and from vendors. Each case is specifically designed for the component being shipped to ensure the perfect fit and level of protection.

Our custom cases are also ideal for Mobile Repair Team / Field Service Technicians. Similar to the tool box liners, these cases have removable trays and they offer in field tool control / FOD prevention.

The key benefits of our custom-made cases are:

  • Component specific designs ensure a high level of part protection during shipping
  • Save time packaging and unpackaging components
  • Ideal for shipping parts to and from vendors
  • Mobile Repair Tool Kit compatible
  • Infield tool control / FOD prevention
  • Reusable design is environmentally friendly
  • Variety of different foam density options
  • Layered or stackable designs to maximize part storage.
  • We can supply cases, or retrofit existing cases
Custom Cases