Branded Shipping Covers

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Custom branded covers ensure FOD prevention during shipping and also act as a great way to market your company. Covers are 100% customizable with your company name, logo, and contact information.

Common applications are: Intake / Exhaust covers, accessory pad covers, tach generator covers, blower covers, bleed valve covers, etc.

Custom made accessory covers are also available for shipping Lube Pumps, Fuel Controls, Flow Dividers, etc.

The key benefits of custom branded covers are:

  • Reusable design is environmentally friendly
  • Made out of chemical / oil resistant plastics
  • Durable HDPE plastic will not crack or break
  • Highly visible colour combinations clearly stand out
  • Cost effective FOD prevention during shipping
  • Supported products:
    • PT6T Covers – Exhaust, Tach, Blower, Starter Pad
    • CT58 Covers – Intake, Exhaust, Tach, Bleed Off Valve

If we are not currently supporting your product line, please contact us today! We are always looking to expand our portfolio and help our Clients boost their productivity.

Branded Shipping Covers