Turbine Blade Boxes

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Our line of turbine/compressor blade boxes are specifically designed to protect critical rotating parts during the MRO process while saving space. By incorporating a stackable design, our boxes are able to utilize all available vertical space.

These boxes are also ideal for non-rotating variable guide vanes / stators.

The key benefits of our customizable turbine blade boxes are:

  • Blade boxes provide an easy and safe way to transport blades around the shop
  • Space saving stackable design
  • Self locking stackable feature
  • No blade-to-blade contact
  • Ergonomic built in carry handles
  • Visual management clues to number of blades
  • Made out of chemical / oil resistant plastics
  • Ideal for fragile ceramic coated blades
  • Engine model specific for perfect fit and arrangement
  • Supported products CT58 / T58, PT6, PT6C-67C, CT7

If we are not currently supporting your product line, please contact us today! We are always looking to expand our portfolio and help our Clients boost their productivity.

Turbine Blade Boxes