At laser Tooling solutions, we design and manufacture products that not only protect critical aircraft parts from damage during the MRO process but also help to reduce turn around times while ensuring inherent quality control.

Inherent Quality Control

Each product is designed for a specific assembly or process. All the parts that are required to build that assembly are clearly laid out, thus eliminating both the need to search for parts and the guess work involved in having too many, or too few parts.

Parts can be laid out with regard to the process being preformed. For example, parts can be laid out in the order required for a particular cleaning process, thus preventing the risk of parts being cleaned by an unapproved method.

Reducing Turn Around Times

By standardizing the part layout, and each item having a specific location within that layout, time spent searching for parts is reduced and efficiency improved.

Technicians will become familiar with part locations, per given assembly, while using the part shadow boards and will know that if a part is not in its designated location, it cannot be anywhere else on the shadow board. This also aids in training new technicians with part familiarity.

Visual Management Clues

By utilizing highly contrasting shadow boards, we are able to offer quick and effective visual management clues for short off parts.

Our shadow boards can also be customized to company colours.

Space Saving Design

Our stackable box design utilizes vertical space that would not be available with traditional blade storage methods and maximizes the available space.

Our custom-made bins enable us to place larger, flat parts, vertically thus saving even more space.

If we are not currently supporting your product line, please contact us today! We are always looking to expand our portfolio and help our Clients boost their productivity.